There are a few different types of headaches that someone could suffer from. The three most common are tension, cervicogenic (from neck), and migraine headaches. The most common type of headache is tension, with over 90% of the population experiencing this in their lifetime.  While all three headaches have similar qualities, headaches have many different origins and presentations and should always be evaluated by a medical professional.


Illustration of how headaches can different presentations and causes. 


  • Cervicogenic Headaches

  • Cervicogenic Vertigo

  • Migraine

  • Post-Concussion Rehabilitation

  • Tension Headaches


Pain  | Pressure/Throbbing | Tension | Dizziness | Nausea | Vertigo | Fatigue


Headaches have many origins and presentations and can affect a patient in many different ways. The region of pain might not be the region that is causing your current issue. Our team of doctors evaluates each patient through a detailed history and comprehensive physical exam that includes a series of dynamic and static tests, postural/ergonomic evaluation, and examination of the lower or upper extremity movement patterns that trigger your symptoms.  This thorough examination will allow us to identify what is causing your pain or dysfunction and begin working on an individualized treatment plan with corrective exercises that fits your exact needs.