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Why Virtual Wellness?

As we learn that the new normal is a more isolated world, the need for better education about workplace orientation, body awareness, and self-care is increasing.

We are here to meet that need. We know that goals and outcomes are more important than when and (especially) where the work gets done, we are here to provide you with the tools you need to take care of your employees, regardless of their location.

Our virtual services are fully customizable and help rebuild work culture in these difficult times.  We allow companies to pick which the services that they receive. 

Our Services

  • Ergonomics Live Webinars:  Setting up a proper home workstation

  • Group mobility and stretching classes 

  • Group yoga classes (30 minutes or 1-hour option)

  • Group fitness classes (30 minutes or 1-hour option)

  • Group mindfulness/meditation classes (30 minutes or 1-hour option)

How does it work?

  • ​Group Sessions are schedules individually with full customization for each company's needs, a suggested curriculum is provided.

  • Group programs are run through Zoom or Webex 

  • Each company is provided with a specific link for entry.

  • Sessions are customizable to include topics of your choosing.

  • Services are available for any number of employees for a flat rate.

  • We assist in coordinating and executing each session. 


We appreciated Dr. Oddo's time. He was able  to provide some good exercises- many of which I have since done, and he did a great job talking about what every day products we might have around to make our work stations more ergonomic. In fact, I've already used one of those tips and have changed my laptop height.  Planning to book more Ergonomics sessions soon. 

To Schedule Group Sessions

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Rates are based on services requested. Packages are available.

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