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Improving workplace health, together.

We are the only corporate wellness company in NYC to bring advanced cutting-edge techniques and dynamic rehabilitation from 3 different countries right to your workplace.

You hire the best, now give them the best.


Why Take A Proactive Step For Workplace Health?

  • Sedentary lifestyle is the leading cause of musculoskeletal disorders and a significant contributor to heart disease

  • There are more injuries per year reported from the seated worker than any other work sector. This includes construction, metal industry, and transportation workers.

  • The average American spends 13 hours a day sitting.  This includes home activities (watching TV, eating), transportation, and work, heavily contributing to serious medical disorders. 

  • Corporate wellness improves workplace health, moral, productivity, and can decrease unnecessary turnover rates.

How Our Program Works

  • Our concierge-style wellness program is fully insured and offers a variety of services directly to your office, hassle-free.

  • We eliminate the need for employees to leave the office for doctors' appointments and provide high-quality health services right in your office.

  • We treat a wide variety of conditions, including musculoskeletal disorders, posture disorders, and perform workplace ergonomic assessments and training.   

  • Our wellness culture promotes healthy work and lifestyle while making companies more productive than before.

  • Our staff handles all administrative tasks, such as scheduling, billing, and insurance verifications.

  • We operate one time per week (or more if demand, which is common) and occupy an unused space, such as a conference room.



  • Our services are FREE for companies that provide top-tier insurance plans that we accept. We are happy to look at your companies benefits. 

  • We provide low fee for service packages for companies that do not offer proper coverage but want to provide their employees our services. This allows companies a low-cost opportunity to add to alternative medical care for all your employees at a much-reduced rate.

  • No surprise charges... ever. 


*Additional fees apply for group wellness classes. In some cases, individual fees may apply with orthopedic care.

Why Us?

CityIR provides the leading corporate wellness program in NYC. We are the only wellness company to give our clients the all-in-one experience of medical and wellness services combined. Our doctors have trained across the globe, bringing the most advanced physical rehabilitation and pain management in the region right to your office. Our group fitness teams are some of the most qualified in the business. We handle all aspects of our wellness program, including scheduling and execution of all services. The convenience and effectiveness of our program allow you to spend time on things that matter while promoting a happier, healthier, less stressful work culture. 

"Having CityIR treat my employees on-site has been a proven success. My company, which fundraises for charities, is a high-stress  environment often with long hours. CityIR  has changed my workplace atmosphere by reducing the stress my employees endure. It has improved productivity, morale, and overall health of my team. We love days when CityIR is on-site!"

Linda A

CEO, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Public Figure

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Improving workplace health, together.