Chiropractic Rehabilitation 

Our unique physical therapy-oriented chiropractic techniques focus on addressing the cause of our patients' musculoskeletal pain, including movement pattern rehabilitation and patient education.

Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation (DNS)

DNS is a revolutionary rehabilitation approach that stimulates movement control centers in the brain to retrain our bodies to move efficiently by restoring and stabilizing locomotor function. Say goodbye to traditional physical rehab.

Movement Assessment

Each patient will be evaluated in both static posture and in numerous specific movement patterns, including those that cause problems.  This will help us determine what deficiencies are causing pain or dysfunction and create a treatment plan that works.

Postural Rebuiilding

Posture is the foundation to function, and we are committed to correcting and educating our patients to help them live a pain-free life. 

167 Hour Principle

There are 168 hours in one week. If you receive treatment for 1 hour per week, we need to make sure that we give you the knowledge and tools to take care of your condition for the remaining 167.

Manual Therapy

Unlike traditional chiropractic, adjusting is merely a tool in our toolbox, not our only intervention.  Our techniques include manual and instrument-assisted soft tissue release focusing on restoring myofascial and joint integrity. (Graston tools, Theragun, Voodoo Floss)

Corrective Exercise

Our treatment plans always include teaching our patients corrective exercises that will improve the various movement pattern deficiencies that caused their musculoskeletal condition.

Gait Analysis & Correction

With advanced training in GAIT analysis and correction, we evaluate all our patients' movement patterns. The ability to efficiently transfer force during walking plays a vital role in musculoskeletal health.


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