Dealing with chronic pain can be incredibly difficult, especially if you've tried working with different practitioners in the past and have yet to find something that works well for you. At City Integrative Rehabilitation, we're here to work with you to find the pain management techniques that work for your body. We understand that most people who deal with chronic pain need to go through a trial and error process to figure out what works best for them, and we'll be with you every step of the way as we figure out how to get you relief from your pain.

Our chronic pain therapist is here to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that makes sense for your chronic pain needs. Check out these tips for dealing with chronic pain while you wait for your first appointment with us.


  • Try meditation. While it can seem counterintuitive to sit quietly, free of distraction, when you're in pain, studies show that meditation can go a long way in helping your body to decrease the hormones that cause stress related to chronic pain.

  • Exercise when possible. We understand that chronic pain can make it difficult to engage in exercise. Take advantage of your good days by going for a walk, engaging in gentle yoga, or getting out for a bike ride. The endorphins that you get from physical exercise can help to ease the pain signals raging through your body.

  • Reduce stress levels. Ongoing stress isn't good for your body, and this is especially true if you're someone who deals with chronic pain. If you've been looking for a reason to cut something stressful out of your life, this is the time to do it.

If you're struggling with chronic pain and searching for the best doctor for back pain, we understand that you're probably feeling tired and frustrated. It's hard to live with chronic pain, especially when you've tried several methods of pain relief and you're still struggling. We're proud to offer the best local chiropractor in the area and the best doctor for back pain. We pride ourselves on finding the root cause of your pain, not just treating the symptoms. Delving into the cause of your back pain allows us to heal you long term, rather than putting a bandage on an issue that will come back a few months down the road. If you're ready to work with the best local chiropractor and best doctor for back pain, reach out to us for an appointment with one of our chronic pain therapist team members. We'll develop a comprehensive plan to help you start working toward living a pain free life.

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