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Pain Repair


Tired of nagging neck or back pain? Have a shoulder that bothers you during exercise? Have stiffness when you sit at your desk at work? Training for a competition and getting bogged down with injuries? Not sure where to go to have your pain evaluated?

We're here to help.

CityIR offers dynamic treatment and patient education to get you out of pain and keep you out of pain. 

What We Treat

Lower Back Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Hip Pain

Knee Pain

Elbow Pain 

Wrist/Hand Pain

Foot/Ankle Pain

Sciatic Pain/Radiculopathy

TMJ Pain/Disorders

Gait Abnormalities

Postural Abnormalities



How is CityIR different from other chiropractic and physical therapy offices?

At CityIR we spend more time treating our patients hands on (45 minutes of one-on-one care per session) and we spend more time teaching our patients about their pain and what is causing it.


Can I use insurance?

Yes. We accept out-of-network coverage from most commercial insurance carriers.


We will verify your insurance benefits and let you know the details of your coverage before your first appointment. 

If your insurance plan does not cover out-of-network services, we offer competitive self-pay rates and packages customized to your specific needs and diagnosis.


Why pay cash if my insurance doesn't cover care?

The benefit of working in the cash fee schedule with an out-of-network provider is that the quality of service (and time spent) will be much higher than that of in-network practices.


In-network practitioners have to see multiple patients at once and/or spend 15 minutes (or less) with each patient to achieve a reasonable reimbursement rate, this is the standard "mill" style practice that has become very popular over the years. All of our treatments are 45 minutes of one-on-one, hands-on therapy. This ensures higher quality care, faster results, and better long-term outcomes. 


CItyIR also offers free discovery sessions, either by phone or in person, to help us determine if we can help you or if we can educate you and direct your care to another practitioner.


Can I use an HSA or FSA to pay for care?

Yes, you may use an HSA or FSA to pay for care, deductibles, and co-pays. 


How do I get started?

Simply call (646-256-9513) or email (info@cityintegrativerehab.com) us! We will walk you through the process. 


What happens at my first appointment? 


Your first appointment will be a 60 minute evaluation and, if your condition indicates and time allows, treatment. Please bring loose or athletic clothing that allows the area of your pain to be observed.


How long will I need to be treated?

Each patient is different and each treatment plan is customized to meet your specific needs and goals. With that said, the average treatment plan is about three months (approximately 12-16 treatments), sometimes longer, sometimes shorter.  We want to provide fast but lasting results, we will tailor your treatment plan accordingly.